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في هذا المشروع يجب تحرير لعبة موجودة. تلعب لعبة باستخدام الماوس لإضافة النباتات وتنمو لهم. اضغط على مفتاح المسافة لتغيير قائمة الانتظار.

قم بتحسين اللعبة عن طريق التعليمات التالية.

משחק התפשטות צמחים

בפרויקט זה עליך לערוך משחק קיים.

שחק במשחק תוך שימוש בעכבר להוסיף צמחים ולגדל אותם. לחץ על מקש הרווח להחליף תור.

שפר את המשחק שבקישור הזה.

רמז: למד מהתסריטים הקיימים.

Plant spreading strategy game

"GLOBE plant spreading" is a strategy game for 2 players.

Make it your own:
This scratch project is a platform for further development by students. Remix this game by using your own scratch account in order to add more advanced features. For instance:
1 Add more plant types 
2 Add an abiotic factor, to inhibit plant growth, such as gas pollutant, heavy particles in the atmosphere, low temperature under 10 ºC.
3 Change player customs
4 Change game play logic
5 Do anything else you feel is correct and is with accordance to the GLOBE spirit


Game goal: 
Grow 3 of your selected plants to a maximum size of a 100% to win.

Game  Instructions:
This is a turn based game. Click on space to switch turns between the two players.
In each turn, a player should add one of the features to improve the game:
1. Plant cover – drag your plant to one of the vacant lots
2. Select an abiotic factor to enhance plant growth. The basic game has a rain cloud. 
3. Using a knob to control the abiotic factors effect on plant growth.


Game characters behavior:
Plants are to be dragged to a vacant lot
Once a cloud is clicked, it will move randomly to one of the lots and help the plant to grow.
Once a plant reaches its maximum size, a player gets an additional point which is added to the players score.
Whenever a player gains 3 points, the player wins.
Click on the space key on your keyboard to switch turns.


The game is deliberately basic in order for it to be simple to remix. Its purpose is to motivate students to be creative and develop their own version of the basic game. 

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